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Scheduled Maintenance Guides

You can count on your Toyota dealership for Genuine Toyota Parts and factory-trained technicians. And by following the recommended maintenance schedule for your Toyota, you can enjoy many years of reliable performance while ensuring that your warranty remains intact.

The information represented on this site is for reference only and may change or be updated throughout the year. Toyota reserves the right to alter, withdraw or discontinue the availability of information on this site without prior notice. Reliance upon the information on this site creates no liability for Toyota, its employees, representatives or agents. Please refer
to your Schedule Maintenance Guide for maintenance information, or contact your local dealer if you have questions.


2005 Camry
35,000 Miles - 42 Months


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Replace engine oil and oil filter 1
Rotate tires
Visually inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs

Additional Maintenance Items for Special Operating Conditions:

Driving While Towing
Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis
Driving in Desert or On Dirt Roads
Inspect ball joints and dust covers
Inspect drive shaft boots
Inspect engine air filter
Inspect steering linkage and boots
Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis
Applicable Footnotes:
1) Reset the oil replacement reminder (“MAINT REQD”) light after replacing engine oil, if vehicle is equipped with this light.
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Please note: Towing-related maintenance only applies to vehicles that are approved by Toyota for towing.
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Driving conditions: The type and frequency of maintenance your Toyota requires depends on how you drive, as well as the environmental conditions in which you drive. Check with your Toyota dealer to schedule the appropriate level of service for your vehicle.

Special Operating Conditions: In addition to standard maintenance items, additional services should be performed on vehicles that are driven under certain conditions.

Specific conditions require specific services. Please refer to your vehicle's Owner's Manual, Owner's Manual Supplement or Scheduled Maintenance Guide for details.

Warranty: Repairs and adjustments to your vehicle caused by lack of proper maintenance are not covered under your new vehicle warranty. In addition, repairs and adjustments caused by improper maintenance or the use of fluids other than those specified in your Owner's Manual are not covered under your warranty.

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